Kenya Police Have Got No Power to Ban NASA Assembly at the Supreme Court on Sunday

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya), Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya (cghrd-Kenya) and Bunge la Mwananchi (BLM) under the Umbrella of the National Mass Movement (NM2) condemn with strongest possible terms the decision by the Kenya Police to Ban NASA Assembly at the Supreme Court on Sunday the the 27 August 2017 and is terming the move as the epitome of Impunity, Corruption of Power and Unconstitutional.

NM2 wish to remind the police that article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya guarantees all Kenyans Right to Peaceful Assembly, Picketing and Procession therefore they cannot purport to ban a peaceful Assembly outside the Supreme Court.

Furthermore the Constitution of Kenya 2010 under article 10 identifies Citizen Participation on matters of governance as a National Value therefore by people assembling at the Supreme Court they shall be Participating in Judicial Matters.

The police should also note that banning NASA Peaceful Assembly at the Supreme Court amounts to taking sides with Jubilee contrary to the article 239 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 that state in exercising their powers, the national security organs including the National Police Service and every member of the national security organs shall not act in a partisan manner, further any interest of a political party or cause or prejudice a political interest or political cause that is legitimate under this Constitution and therefore they risk being personally prosecuted under public interest litigation for any loss of lives, injury and destruction of property.

The NM2 is therefore asking Kenyans to turn up in large numbers on Sunday the 27 August 2017 outside the Supreme Court peacefully as they will be exercising their power directly as enshrined in article one of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.


1. Cidi Otieno – 0721609699
2. Japheth Muroko – 0722529843
3. Musa Chekai – 0714123258


Personification of GOD Via KanyoRa Ngoyamatu

Long before the start of the Christian era, around 2017 years ago, there was the believe in a supernatural being signified as GOD, short for Galactic Ordering Dynamics, as the top cream of the Roman rulers couldn’t explain the way the galaxies were organized together in the universe. 

There was then need to personify GOD…. This need led to the acceptance of Yeshua son of Mary by Joseph as the son/sun of GOD during the Nicean council of 325 AD, when the then Emperor, Constantine, thought that the man Yeshua whose works and teachings attracted many would be diminished by lowering him to the level of a son, hence coming up withe trinity of father, son and replacing the mother goddess withe ‘holy’ spirit…. 

The adoption of the three beings in one was meant to replicate/borrow/copy from ancient Egypt/Khemet/African myth of the Sun deity, Ra personified and born many years before. The Romans having understood the perfection of creation of Isis and Osiris to bringing forth the son, Horus had converged a gathering of 315 bishops, from the whole of the empire, which also included parts of North Africa, Middle East and parts of Asia to ensure that they do away withe worship of female deity Isis. 

This war has not been worn yet or it doesn’t seem to end as the owners of the Christian church today, the crpto Jews, have planned, funded and actualized a terrorist group known as ISIS. The truth, which is hard to come by, is that scriptural accounts do not define well when the Christian Era begun, is it when Yeshua was born in body and fresh or is it when he begun his ministry at age 31? What many among the Christian folk don’t know is that Christianity as a re-legion as well as the calendar are mere tools of conquest or management of it. 

By diminishing the role of the Queen mother, Isis and personifying GOD and bringing it forth in the fresh as Yeshua, the Romans had also developed symbols to go hand in hand with their actions. Such a symbol is the Cross. The Cross symbolises arrested womanhood, meaning that the power of the son, Horus, whom Isis bore shouldn’t have power over humanity anymore! 

The calendar as it is today, combining bothe Julian (Julius Gaius Caesar 100-44BC) and Gregorian (Pope Gregory  XIII, 1502-85) conquest, commonly known as Julian-Gregorian calendar doesn’t follow any natural phenomenon. The 12 months/moons are irregular, 28, 29, 30 31 days and are not in line withe physical moon . Likewise the clock is mechanical and divided into 12 equal portions called the HOURS. Compare this with HORUS!!!! 

How come everything important that we are made to follow had a semblance in old Egypt/Khemet or Africa in general. Is it that Europe stole from us and has brought it back to us in adulterated form? My arithmetics tells me that there are possible 13 moons of each 28 days, making 364 days. And since the solar year is 365, the remaining day is the day for ushering in the new year. 

This is a positive tool of deprogramming/reprogramming our minds in the new dispensation that Africa shall come on top! (Workers should also gain that extra moon from their employers). Adopt the 13 moons, end entropy/disorder/war and gain peace in a continuum!!!

KanyoRa Ngoyamatu,

Kaheti, Nyeri

Fraudulent Human Rights Defenders Via Julius Okoth, Social Justice Activist 

Posted on August 21, 2017 by juliusokoth

Going by the recent brutal government crackdown, systematic and targeted killings, painful violations and abuses by the same security agencies that was meant to protect them, which was documented and verified by the Kenya National Commision on Human Rights (KNCHR) after sporadic peaceful protests in opposition strongholds after the declaration of Kenya’s presidential results, i have had some serious soul-searching and deep reflection on the matter of targeted police brutality.

I am really pained as a human right defender, and i have to honestly vent my anger to some of my fellow grass root human right defenders without fear of “hurting” someone’s feeling for their application of double standards in defending human rights. I have agonized about this matter, and i have to speak out even if it proves unpopular in some quarters, because ultimately it is the truth that shall set us free.
Defending human rights to some of my fellow human rights defenders only becomes paramount and important only when it advances or favors their selfish interest, or when members of their community are executed, murdered, maimed, eyes gorged out and dead bodies are dumped in desolate places and rivers (Kinale, Kikuyu, Suswa, Mt Kenya, Kiserian, Mai Mahiu, Sabaki, Ol Donyo Sabuk etc). That is when we are called upon to show solidarity, to raise our clinched fists of justice to combat extrajudicial killings by highlighting instances and cases of these crimes, but it ceases to be so when it affects others.

I seldom talk about my tribe! Although my name betrays me, but looking at the gestures and postings of my fellow human rights defenders in social media platforms i have come to a conclusion that they are more or less supporting the brutalization of a certain community just because they do not agree politically. These has made me to come to a conclusion, that some of my fellow grass-roots human right defenders are deceptive and are in this field not out of passion and consistency but out of convenience.

When a clip showing a plain-clothed policeman shooting a boy (Somali) in Eastleigh without following due process circulated, we moved on very swiftly in solidarity, came out and protested in solidarity that police brutality is unacceptable in a civilized society, despite some members of the society praising the police for executing the boys. Those of us who spoke out were vilified and demonized as busybodies being that those boys were thugs and deserve to die extra judicially.

When ‘Hessy’ was posting pictures of his extra-judicial victims (mostly Kikuyus) on Facebook, we came out and protested in solidarity to condemn the act despite being told that those boys were members of “Gaza” gang and deserve to die extra judicially. We held vigils against extra judicial killings in solidarity with those who lost their loved ones, sons, brothers, husbands and uncles.

Now when the police are blatantly killing and torturing peaceful and unarmed demonstrators (mostly Luos) including kids, storming, breaking and forcing their way into the quite homes in some perceived opposition strong holds, firing in teargas, battering choking babies and their parents with batons, while at the same time demanding cash or phones, there is no solidarity among grass-roots human rights defenders to protest and condemned the act.

I am appalled at how some of my fellow human right defenders are silent in this matter of targeted police brutality.  A human right defender who is silent on the ongoing atrocities, abuses and violations is an accomplice to the atrocities. “Elie” Wiesel, a human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize-winner once said that “silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”. Amazingly, some of my fellow human right defenders were silent, and those who spoke said “these ‘Jaruos’ and their old man have been asking for it, they are criminals and looters who deserve to be executed extra judicially”.
Reading at their stuffs on social media, I’m amazed at how they supported perpetrators on the matter of targeted police brutality on Luo. Why? I ask myself. Then it comes to my mind that Adolf Hitler was a particularly popular leader. Even when he commenced his extermination of Jews and Gypsies and other minorities, the majority of Germans bought into his ‘sub-humans’ categorization of those he sought to persecute. Some went even extra mile and did their bit in the genocide. What made them? They were defending and protecting one of their own.

Whether we are Somalis, Kikuyus or Luos we are all human beings, created in Gods own image. A God that is not only the God of peace, but also the God of justice, the God of our National Anthem. None of us is a child of a lesser God, and none is in Kenya by mistake. Despite our odious beliefs or political orientation, we are all Kenyans and there is no justification or mitigation whatsoever by whomever that could be used to snuff out the others life. It is a taboo for a human right defender to treat other section of the society as strangers not owners of the country when they are facing atrocities, abuses and violations.

First, a human rights defender (hrd) is defined by his or her work, attitudes and behavior. It is an individual alone or with others act to promote, advocate, lobbying and protecting human rights impartially, formally and none violently without discriminating the victim or victims in terms of gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, tribe, color, class, religion or religious dress code, marital status, age, health status, ethnicity, language, geographical location, culture and lifestyle among others. A human right defender stands for what is right and strives for the realization of human rights even when it is not affecting them directly, and expresses the universally and indivisibility of human rights.

Judging by their silent, failing to speak up in a clearer, consistent and compelling voices in amplifying, condemning and demanding an end to the recent atrocities committed against opposition supporters by the police, have reminded me of best remembered quote by Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Because this targeted police brutality it did not happen to the communities of some of my fellow human right defenders, it did not matter to them, forgetting that tomorrow it shall be their turn. Life is a cycle Wheels do turn. Shoes do change. Nobody will speak when they will be clobbered to palp, and nobody will come to their rescue.
As human right defenders we should stand united against abuses and violation against any human being. Real change will come from us first as individuals and then as a collective. Personal values drive the collective action; and our destiny is in our own hands.   Wiesel, goes further and says “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”. United we should stand for each other’s joy and rights. Divided we fall to the abyss of us versus them. What affects me should affect you and vice versa! Let no Kenyan voice be suppressed. A suppressed voice grows to become an angry threat. An angry threat grows to become chaos.

Going by the quote of a Human rights Lawyer from Colombia that A human rights defender has to love life. To help others, s/he cannot fall into the trap of skepticism or defeatism. We have to overcome our internal and external limits, and that is only possible if we take care of ourselves. We have to transmit optimism and transformative messages; we can’t be with the victims in order to sow further misery. In general, human rights defenders have an enormous capacity to enjoy each moment in Life.


Justice for Raymond Akhura shot by Police at Mau Mau, Kangemi 

Attention KNCHR and IPOA 

Kindly refer to the above subject.

The Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya (CGHRD-Kenya)  in conjunction with the Bunge la Mwananchi (BLM) and the Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya brings to your attention the case of Mr Raymond Akhura, a resident of Village Inn at Kangemi Gichagi in Westlands Constituency. 

Mr. Akhura was on Saturday 12 August 2017 at around 11am walking to Kawangware when he was hit by stray bullet from police who were engaging people protesting against Presidential Elections Results around Mau Mau area.


Mr Akhura was rushed to Eagles Nursing Home at Kangemi where he was given First Aid and transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where he is currently at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


Mr. Akhura is a father of three children aged 13, 8 and 3 years and also has a young wife who are currently not able to fend for themselves as their only bread winner is currently at KNH.


The CGHRD-Kenya, BLM and CCI Kenya are writing to KNCHR and IPOA so that you can help Akhura and his family get justice. 


De-Registration of KHRC and AfriCOG Unconstitutional 

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya) in conjunction with the Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya (CGHRD-Kenya) and Bunge la Mwananchi (BLM) are condemning with strongest possible terms the purported De-Registration of Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) and African Center for Open Governance (AfriCOG) by the defunct NGO Coordination Board and is terming it Unconstitutional as the Board became moribund after the passing of the PBO Act. 

CCI – Kenya. CGHRD – Kenya and BLM believes that the move is aimed at silencing the CSOs from exposing the irregularities in the just concluded general elections and preventing them from moving to the supreme court to challenge the presidential results.

The groups are urging all Social Movements and CSOs especially the Civil Society Reference Group to offer solidarity to KHRC and AfriCOG at this time.

Security Forces Should Stop Using Excessive Force 

Hi Team 

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya) in conjunction with the Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya (CGHRD-K) and Bunge la Mwananchi are condemning with strongest possible terms the use of exessive force by Kenyan Security Forces in quelling Post Election Protests. 

We have received reports of use of exessive force in Kisumu, Mombasa, Homa Bay, Migori, Rongo, Awendo, Siaya, Usenge and Kibra, Kawangware, Mathare, Kangemi etc in Nairobi that has led to loss of lives and destruction of property hence we are reminding the police desist from using live bullets in dealing with unarmed protesters. 

We have also received reports of systematic criminalization of Grassroots HRDs in the said areas and in other areas where Grassroots HRDs are perceived to be in Opposite camps. Some of them have been warned by Security apparatus that is are being monitored so that they don’t organize protests or document Violations. 

We call on the International Community and other stakeholhers to intervene to stop the situation from deteriorating further and to stem further injuries and loss of lives. 

We remind the police that the article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 guarantees all Kenyans right to Peaceful Assembly, picketing and demonstration hence all the police need to do is to secure such processions as opposed to dispersing groups that are gathering as he been the case leading to violence. 

We also call on all those protesting the results to do so peacefully as espoused under article 37. 


Cidi Otieno 

Convener CCI Kenya 


Banning Bunge la Wazalendo Meetings Unconstitutional 

​T​he Bunge la Mwananchi (BLM) in conjunction with the Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya) is condemning with strongest possible terms the banning of Bunge la Wazalendo sessions around city hall​ and subsequent placing of police officers at the space to bar members from meetings and are calling on members to defy the ban and continue with their sessions.

BLM and CCI Kenya reminds the police that article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 guarantees all Kenyans right to Peaceful Assembly and therefore the police risk prosecution for defying the Constitution and protecting and defending the Constitution of Kenya pursuant to article 3 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Furthermore, a fundamental freedom or right in the Bill of Rights as the Right of Assembly can only be limited by Law and only to the extent that the limitation is reasonable and justifiable in an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom, taking into account the relation between the limitation and its purpose and whether there are less restrictive means to achieve the purpose​ and shall not limit the right or fundamental freedom so far as to derogate from its core or essential content​.  

​The Police are therefore not allowed to limit the right of members of Bunge la Wazalendo to meet as the space offers members of the public with an avenue to participate on matters of governance as is required by Law. 

If the police continue with the blockade then BLM and CCI Kenya will have no option but to mobilize Kenyans and other members to occupy the space in defiance of the Police order and to defend our right of assembly as per the article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.