Gitonga Arrested for Leading Peaceful Protest against High Cost of Food 


 Activist Joseph Gitonga 

Comrades Joseph Gitonga and Victor Kadika were yesterday Friday 12 May 2017 arrested after leading a demonstration against the Rising cost of food prices in Nairobi. 

According to eye witnesses, comrades Gitonga and Kadika were accosted by over 30 armed Police officers at the Tom Mboya Monument in Nairobi who shot in the air severally Making people to scamper for Safety leaving several innocent wananchi injured. 

Comrades Gitonga and Kadika are currently being held at the Central Police Station where the police has charged them with illegal assembly,  incitement to violence and assault. 

Several Comrades are now at the Central police station to secure their release but the OCS is demanding a cash Bail of KES100,000 each to have them released. 

The Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya in conjunction with Bunge la Mwananchi is Condemning their arrest with the strongest possible terms and are asking for their immediate release because the Constitution at the article 37 Guarantee Freedom and right to Peaceful assembly, picketing and Protest and there is no way comrade Gitonga could assault over 30 armed Police officers. 

The groups are decrying the Impunity and blatant abuse of law by the police and is calling for the charging and prosecution of the said police officers. #FreeFitongaNow 


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