Police Order on Mass Action Illegal 

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya) is terming the order by Kenya Police Banning Mass Action after the August Polls illegal and is stating that the Police Order is in itself a threat to Peace and stability during this electioneering period. 

CCI Kenya also notes that Police statement that they will arrest anyone refusing to accept the results is also illegal as the Police has got no role whatsoever in determining credibility of the polls result and further notes that the order has the potential of Raising credibility issues around the preparation of the August Polls.

CCI Kenya reminds the Police that Peaceful Assembly, Picketing and Procession is a right enshrined in the Bill of Rights and as the Constitution states in the Article 24 that the Rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights cannot be limited except by Law and to the extent that the limitation is Reasonable and Justifiable in an Open and Democratic Society based on Human Dignity, Equality and Freedom.

The Police cannot therefore unilaterally outlaw Mass Action unless they Justify to the Court of Law the reasons why they need to limit the Right to Mass Action.


CCI Kenya Press 


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