Jubilee the Ultimate Looser in the Doctors Jailing 

​Arguments being peddled around by Jubilee apologists that Doctors and other Civil Servants are not special to demand better welfare and pay when the rest of Kenyans are barely surviving does not hold water as their demands have not stopped the Jubilee regime from Implementating the article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 which Guarantee all Kenyans Right to Adequate food, water, healthcare, Education and social Security. 

It is preposterous for a government that is Constitutionally obligated to provide Social and economic rights to Kenyans to use their failure to provide Kenyans with Social Security as a weapon to belittle and de-legitimize the demands by Doctors and other Servants for better pay. 

That said, the other argument by the same Jubilee apologists that the Doctors had to be reprimanded for disobeying the Court Order does not hold water and is leaking at some point as the same Jubilee apologists were and have been tight lipped when the same Jubilee regime disobeyed numerous Court orders. 

The debacle has also exposed the soft underbelly of Kenyans who are the biggest looser as the provision of healthcare to kenyans have been grounded to a halt. In mature democracies, the Citizens would have jammed the courts and the Prison facilities in Solidarity with the Doctors But in our situation it is business as usual as long as you are not sick or have a sick relative. 

My take is that in the long run and at the end of all this, Jubilee Government and their apologists will be the biggest looser as they will be Left with an egg on the face. Me think that this incident and an earlier fining of KNUT and KUPPET officials will only serve to tighten the resolve of Civil Servants to vote out the corrupt Jubilee regime. It will also strengthen the resolve of Kenyans to vote out the corrupt Jubilee regime. 

Cidi Otieno 


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