Kenya Should Adopt Traditional Rain Making Technology 

​Article 11 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 recognises culture as the foundation of the nation and as the cumulative civilization of the Kenyan people and nation.

The article further obligates the state to among other things recognise the role of science and indigenous technologies in the development of the nation and promotion of the intellectual property rights of the people of Kenya.

The article also obligates the Senate and National Assembly to enact legislations to ensure that communities receive compensation or royalties for the use of their cultures and cultural heritage and to recognise and protect the ownership of indigenous seeds and plant varieties, their genetic and diverse characteristics and their use by the communities of Kenya.

The Kenyan Peasant Farmers Should therefore resist efforts by the Kenyan Government to kill their Right to control and own their seeds, their right to own land and farm inputs. The Kenyan Government Should promote banking of indigenous seeds, plants and animal varieties and also promote use of compost manure for the indigenous Peasant Farmers. 

The Government Should protect the Peasant Farmers’ right to produce for livelihoods and Should not force them to commercialize and produce for profit in a Global Market that is controlled by forces beyond their reach. Availability of food on the table of Peasant Families should not be determined by market forces but by promoting Peasant Farmers to produce for their livelihoods and consumption. 

The Kenyan Peasants Farmers need to push the Government to facilitate Indigenous Seeds exchange Programs among Peasant Farmers locally and Internationally. The Kenyan Government Should use its influence regionally to start calling on Africa’s Withdrawing from WTO and other Free Trade Agreements that are skewed against the Kenyan Peasant Farmers interests. Agriculture and Food should be removed from Trade. 

The Kenyan Government need to promote indigenous traditional weather forecast technology and traditional rain making technology that can be useful to the rain dependent agriculture commonly practiced by Peasant Farmers especially in this era of unpredictable weather patterns 

Cidi Otieno 
Kenyan Peasants League 


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