Is Trump Presidency the Beginning of the Fall of USA? 

​When Donald Trump announced his candidature, I held a Discussion with a comrade about the future of the United States of America. We explored all the scenarios with each of the republican party candidates then. While we disagreed on the impact of other candidates, we agreed on the impact of a Trump presidency. 

We observed that a Trump Presidency would accelerate the fall of USA which has orchestrated wars that have killed millions of people since the end of the World War II, has been promoting an economic model that accumulates resources on the Oligarchs and excludes majority, has been promoting Free Trade and Trade systems like WTO which is skewed against the Global South and has been promoting GMOs and commercialization of Food Production that has worked against the majority Peasant Farmers especially in the Global South. History is rich with Empirers that have fallen because of Oligarchy and USA is not an exception. 

We also explored what the fall of USA and the rise of Russia and China would mean to Africa. We agreed that the fall of USA with unity of Africa would leave the continent at a stronger position to challenge the emerging powers whose objective is to replace USA a Global Oppressors. With the news of #Calexit, the fall that we talked about could be starting. 

We have planned another meeting in the wake of the latest developments to again explore options for African Unity in the changing Global political and economic arena. 

Cidi Otieno 

Working Director 

Mashinani Institute of Social Justice 



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