Withdraw Kenya Defence Forces From Somalia Too, Investigate UNMISS Commander 

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya) in conjunction with the Global Campaign on Military Spending Africa and the Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya condemns with strongest possible terms decision by Kenya to withdraw Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) from South Sudan following dismissal of Kenyan UNMISS Commander Johnson Kimani and is instead asking Kenya to Investigate the behaviour of the UNMISS Commander and the KDF during the South Sudan Crisis. 

By withdrawing the KDF from South Sudan following revelations of UN Investigation that revealed failure of the Kenyan Commander to use his position to coordinate Protection of civilians who took refuge in the UN compound in Juba from South Sudan Government Forces amounts to abetting incompetence and taking sides in the South Sudan Crisis a move that is likely to fuel the South Sudan crisis and that which is also likely to endanger the lives of Kenyans living in South Sudan especially in the rebel held areas. 

We remind the Kenyan Government that if any withdrawal has to take place then it is that of the KDF currently based in Somalia as their continued Presence in Somalia has not helped in Securing Kenya as attacks have continued on the Kenyan soil and their further Presence in Somalia has strained the KDF and has led to Increasing Kenyan Military Spending at the expense of provision of Basic Social Services to the People of Kenya apart from providing corrupt individuals within Government with networks to steal resources. 

We are also asking the Kenyan Government to immediately release the Spokesperson of SPLM IO Mr James Gatdet instead of deporting him to Juba as this will not only fuel the South Sudan crisis But is also against the Kenyan International obligations not to forcefully deport someone escaping their country fearing for their lives. 
Cidi Otieno 
Convener CCI Kenya and GCOMS Africa 


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