Usenge Police Arrest Survivors of Police Shooting

Reports reaching the Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya is that Usenge OCS, OCPD and DCIO are harassing survivors of police shooting at Usenge that took place in Usenge. Usenge police have already arrested the Victims and they have been taken to Bondo.

The arrested are Stephen Omondi of Sakwa, a father of two boys age 3 and 1 and a half  years old who is being detained alongside his wife leaving the minors without proper care. The other arrested person is only known as Dancan.

According to witnesses who preferred to remain anonymous due to security reasons, the Police who shot the four is land cruiser driver who is well known to the locals.

When confronted by local Grassroots Human Rights Defenders over the shootings and the arrests, the Usenge OCPD is said to have laughed off the issue mocking the Grassroots Human Rights Defenders.

Reports done by

Cidi Otieno


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