Kenyan Social Movements Statement Condemning Killing of Protesters by Police

We the Kenyan Social Movements Condemn with strongest possible terms the use of excessive force in dispersing the peaceful Anti IEBC processions across Kenya on Monday the 23 May 2016 that led to killings, injuries and arrest of several protesters. We also send our heartfelt condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the unidentified man who was shot and killed outside a bank located in the Tivoli Centre in Kisumu and Mr Churchill Odhiambo and Mr Austine Juma all from Siaya who were shot in the chest and in the head respectively by the police.

We also take this opportunity to ask the IEBC commissioners to resign immediately to avert further loss of lives and properties as they have lost the trust of majority of Kenyans.

We are also calling for the arrest and prosecution of the IG of police and the CS Internal Security for the deaths, injuries and destruction of property occasioned by their illegal order to the police to use excessive force which seemed to have targeted a particular community.

We are asking the Independent Police Oversight Authority, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and the Internal Affairs Unit of the police to investigate whether there is a squad within the police service that has been given orders to target members of a particular community for killing and if found to be true they should institute criminal proceedings against the culprits. We are also asking the IPOA to immediately institute criminal proceedings against the police bosses who were in charge of the operations across the country.

We are asking the Government to respect the Constitution and allow Peaceful processions that are enshrined under article 37 of the Constitution as every Kenyan has a right to peaceably and Unarmed to protest, to picket, to demonstrate and present petitions to those in Authority.

Finally on Friday the 27 May 2016 at 6pm, the Kenyan Social Movements shall be holding a candle lighting memorial outside IEBC of all those who have been killed since the processions began. All are welcome.

1. Cidi Otieno – Convener CCI Kenya/Kenyan Peasants League
2. Rachael Mwikali – Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders/Pan-African Grassroots Women Liberation
3. Wilfred Olal – Dandora Must Change Social Movement
4. Francis Sakwa – Alliance Grassroots Human Rights Defenders
5. Gacheke Gachihi – Mathare Social Justice Centre
6. Dinah Agai – BULAMWA Society
7. Samuel Okello – Grassroots Social Movements Kenya
8. Sungu Oyoo – Kenyans for Tax Justice
9. Sophie Dowllar – World March of Women Kenya
10. Chekai Musa – Bunge la Mwananchi
11. Anthony Kirika – Bunge la Mwananchi Kangemi


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