Police Should Allow Peaceful Anti IEBC Protests

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya – CCI Kenya is asking the government and police to allow Peaceful Monday Anti IEBC Protests as they are protected by Law Under Article 1 that states that Citizens can Exercise their sovereign power directly and article 37 that state that every Citizen has a right to picket, to protest and to present petitions to those in Authority which include IEBC.

The CCI Kenya is also asking the protesters to be peaceful and unarmed and to carry white handkerchiefs to signify Peace as the Law only protect peaceful processions and protests. CCI Kenya further ask the Pro IEBC Group not to come to the streets tomorrow Monday the 23 May and asking them to choose a different date to show their solidarity as when they appear on the same day then there shall be risks of Violence which might degenerate countrywide.

The CCI Kenya Warns politicians inciting tribal hatred and is asking the National Cohesion and Integration Commission – NCIC to act against those inciting tribal hatred and is wondering why the NCIC is silent yet there is systematic tribal mobilization and hate speech by politicians. They should act or Resign.

Finally CCI Kenya is asking the CS Security and the IG of Police to follow the Law and desist from inciting the police to violence as they risk being prosecuted personally as in the past violence only broke after police interference.


Cidi Otieno

Convener CCI Kenya


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