844 Task Force Should Get Things Right

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya wish to state that as much as review of the 844 system is long overdue, the stakeholders need to take into consideration salient factors and challenges that have affected the system.

In the past there have been Proposals to change the structure and even the syllabus and of late there have been Proposals to change the system.

CCI Kenya notes that changing the system, structure and syllabus without changing the infrastructure of education like increasing the number of classrooms, teachers and increasing teachers’ pay will be a futile Exercise.

CCI Kenya wonders how changing the structure and syllabus will improve the learning of those pupils learning under trees and in the open and is asking the stakeholders involved to be blunt with government and ask the government to improve on the educational infrastructure that has been the cause of failure of the 844 system.

CCI Kenya is asking the stakeholders to focus on restructuring the syllabus so that it can be geared towards addressing problems facing Kenya like hunger, diseases, tribalism, corruption and lack of patriotism among others including Constitutionalism. The system to be adopted should include some aspects of extension and Community service so that the graduates can be motivated by service to promote livelihoods.

CCI Kenya is also asking the education CS Matiangi and the new KNEC Boss Prof Magoha not to waste tax payers money in useless task forces that are formed to satisfy political whims and those that only address symptoms but not the Disease ailing the education sector.


Cidi Otieno

Convener CCI Kenya


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