Petition on the Assassination of Honduran Indigenous Leader Berta Caceres

The World March of Women Kenya in conjunction with the Kenyan Peasants League, La Via Campesina Kenyan Chapter, the Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya, Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya, Dandora Must Change Social Movement  and Bunge la Mwananchi in marking the International Women’s Day 2016 raise our collective voices and disappointment against the brutal murder of our sister and Comrade Berta Caseres who until her murder was an indigenous leader of Lenca Community in Honduras, a community organizer, a feminist and a defender of Peasant farmers in Honduras and do hereby present this petition to the Honduran Embassy in Nairobi.

Berta Caseres in her life stood against the Agua Zarca hydroelectric dam on the Gualcarque River in defense of the local peasant communities especially the peasant farmers and in her death, her life and the struggles she underwent will forever motivate the Global Feminist Movements and the Global Peasant Movement to continue with her struggle. They have extinguished her life but they will never extinguish her spirit and power that will continue living in us. 

It is still puzzling how Berta could be killed while she was supposed to be under police protection.

We also take this opportunity to honor the struggles of women and the feminist movements globally and celebrate the strength of all those women striving to free themselves from the patriarchy, neo colonialism, capitalism and racism which are among the root causes of poverty and oppression in the world, a struggle that was embodied in the life and struggles of Berta Caseres.

We also reaffirm our opposition against increased militarization of the world by the military industrial complex which is driven by pursuit for profit at the expense of human safety and call for drastic and progressive reduction of military expenditure and move the money to public service delivery, Climate Justice, Sustainable Development, Humanitarian Efforts and Social Justice. Berta proved in practice that there can be no justice and peace without an end to violence against women.  

We therefore:
1. Hold the Honduran Government responsible for the murder as the murder took place when Berta was supposed to be under police protection
2. Hold the DESA the company developing the Agua Zarca Dam and their International Financers Netherlands Development Finance Company, FinnFund, Central American Bank for Economic Integration, Ficohsa Bank, Contractors CASTOR and the Atala group Responsible
3. Demand that the Honduran Government immediately stop the construction of the Agua Zarca dam which Berta opposed and paid with her life
4. Demand an end to persecution and killing of all activists especially from National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras – COPIHN who are opposed to the construction of Agua Zarca Dam
5. Demand an independent International Investigation into the assassination of Berta and prosecution of all those involved
6. Demand an End to Impunity in Honduras
7. Demand Justice and Respect to Life in Honduras
8. Demand protection of Gustavo Castro Soto a Mexican Human Rights Defenders working with Otros Mundos-Chiapas who is the sole witness of the assassination of Berta and whose life is in Danger 

1. Sophie Dowllar – World March of Women Kenya
2. Rachael Mwikali – Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya
3. Cidi Otieno – Convener Kenyan Peasants League
4. Musa Chekai – Deputy Speaker Bunge la Mwananchi
5. Hillary Likalamu – Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya
6. Maldini – Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya
7. Wilfred Olal – Dandora Must Change Social Movement
8. Florence Keya – World March of Women Kenya
9. Anne Ngatia – World March of Women Kenya


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