Alarm Over Possibility of Violence in Kenyan 2017 Elections

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya) and the Social Movements Working Group on 2017 General Elections sounds an alarm over possibility of Pre and Post Elections Violence in 2017 given the trend of things in Kenya that are taking a similar pattern to the period that preceded the 2007/2008 post election violence.

CCI Kenya is concerned by increasing hate speech by politicians, political violence during recent party polls, hate speech in vernacular radio stations, songs by vernacular musicians that promote tribal hatred and failure by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to take action on perpetrators of such hate messages.

The situation is further aggravated by the systematic assault on the Judiciary, the Legislature, the Security Apparatus and the Elections Commission all that are instrumental in ensuring free fair and transparent general election in 2017 through frivolous amendments engineered by the executive. Furthermore the recent claims of corruption in the Judiciary and further allegations that bribery have influenced outcome of past election petition ruling by the Supreme Court only worsens the situation.

CCI Kenya is therefore asking the Civil Society, the Social Movements, the Labour Movements, the Religious Organizations, the Academia, the Media, the International Community, the Students and the Kenyan People to collectively push for the stalled Judicial Reforms, Police Reforms, Land Reforms and Electoral Reforms for the public to regain confidence in the Judiciary, Police, Elections Commission and the Independent Commissions which are critical in resolving any dispute that might arise in the aftermath of the 2017 Elections.


One thought on “Alarm Over Possibility of Violence in Kenyan 2017 Elections

  1. Providing security to every Kenyan is the role of the Government. All the insecurity loopholes should be looked at and any politician found guilty of incitement must be dealt with according to the law.


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