Provide Security to Josephine Kabura, Grill Waiguru

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI Kenya) is calling on the government to provide personal security to Josephine Kabura who recently swore an affidavit implicating former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru to the NYS scandal as given the sensitivity and gravity of matters raised in her affidavit, she might be a target of harm and elimination. Should anything happen to her then the government shall be squarely held responsible.

CCI Kenya is further concerned by reports that miss Kabura failed to appear before court after falling ill suddenly and is also asking for investigations into allegations of illness of miss Kabura to ascertain whether it was a scheme to delay the proceedings as justice delayed is justice denied.

Finally CCI Kenya is also asking for grilling of former CS Waiguru on the new claims against her by miss Kabura and should she be found culpable of the allegations, then all the EACC officers who cleared Waiguru should be arrested and prosecuted fr subverting the course of Social Justice.

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