Murdered Burundi National to be Buried on Saturday 23 Jan at Langata Cemetery

John De Dieu the Burundian National who was killed on the new year eve in Nairobi will be buried on Saturday the 23 January 2016 at the Langata Cemetery. The burial follows a postmortem operation that was conducted on Wednesday the 20 January 2016 at the City Mortuary. The Results of the Postmortem are yet to be released.

Friends and Comrades from the Burundi Solidarity Group shall meet at the City Mortuary at 8am on Saturday the 23 January before proceeding to the Langata Cemetery for the burial.

Meanwhile Burundians living in Kenya are still living in fear of harm and assassination and for this reason the Burundi Solidarity Group is still calling on the Kenyan Government to ensure adequate security to the Burundians fleeing violence and targeted elimination as a result of the deteriorating Humanitarian situation in Burundi.

The Burundi Solidarity Group is also asking the Kenyan Government to conduct speedy investigations to establish whether the killing of the Late John was related to the ongoing Burundi Crisis and also to establish whether there is a network in Kenya targeting fleeing Burundi Activists for elimination.

Cidi Otieno


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