Solidarity Message with the York Peoples’ Assembly

The Bunge la Mwananchi BLM, (People’s Parliament) in conjunction with the Kenyan Peasants League (KPL), the Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders Kenya (CGHRDK), the World March of Women Kenya (WMW-Kenya) and the Social Movements Working Group Against WTO (SMWGAW) take this chance to send our Solidarity Message with the York Peoples’ Assembly’s Struggle for Democracy, Social Justice, Opposing Cutbacks and sell-offs, and Demanding an end to Government for Corporate Interests in the York and in the UK at large.

We believe that our struggles are linked and interrelated especially on the fronts of fighting for Social Justice and Human Rights. We share common goals in fighting Austerity, Privatization and Governments that work for Corporates Interests and for Profit.

We believe that our partnership with the York Peoples’ Assembly and other People Assemblies in the UK is instrumental in fighting for a world that is based on Social Justice and Human Rights.

BLM, KPL and CGHRDK and the Social Movements Working Group Against WTO is calling for your solidarity in our Campaigns against WTO Agreements that affects sovereignty of our countries and promote measures that support the Market and Profit at the expense of the Livelihoods of the People.

We strongly oppose the Agreements on Agriculture (AoA), Trade Related Investments Measures (TRIMS), Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and General Agreements of Trade in Services (GATS) which we believe are designed to strengthen the control of Multinational Corporations on local economies to the detriment of the Peasants Farmers and Consumers.

We also call for your solidarity in our struggle against the killing of innocent Women, Children and People of Burundi by the Murderous Regime of Pierre Nkurunziza who is running a systematic campaign to kill those opposed to his unconstitutional third term.

We also call for your solidarity in calling on the Ethiopian Government to stop killing Oromo Peaceful Protesters who are standing against annexing of community lands by the Ethiopian Government under the influence of Multinational Corporations who are carrying out Large Land Acquisitions for purposes of Large Scale farming with no benefit of local Oromo Peasants.

We shall work together with York Peoples’ Assembly in amplifying your struggles locally and we hope that the York Peoples’ Assembly will do the same in York and in the UK.

Globalize the Struggles! Globalize Hope!

In Solidarity

  1. Cidi Otieno – Convener KPL & SMWGAW – +254708566012
  2. Sophie Dowllar – Convener WMW – Kenya – +254722753042
  3. Musa Chekai – Deputy Speaker BLM – +254714123258
  4. Rachael Mwikali – Convener CGHRDK – +254723764748
  5. Wilfred Olal – Former Coordinator BLM – +254722746164
  6. Rachael Irungu – BLM Mathare – +254720649392
  7. Anthony Kirika – BLM Kangemi – +254723363632

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