Nairobi Killing of Burundi National Alarming

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Condemn with strongest possible terms the killing of a Burundian Jean de Dieu who lived in Nairobi at Wanyee Road Kawangware. His body was found this morning at a field in Kinyanjui road.

The CCI ask the government to immediately investigate whether the killing is related to the ongoing Burundi Crisis and is further asking the government to provide security to all Burundians fleeing Burundi and seeking temporary refuge in Kenya.

The CCI is warning the government not to allow Burundi Government to extend the purge of perceived opponents in Kenya and the government should also investigate operations at the Burundi Embassy in Nairobi.

Finally the CCI is asking Nkurunziza to step down from power to silence the guns in Burundi so that Peace and Justice for Burundi people can be realized.


Cidi Otieno Convener CCI


7 thoughts on “Nairobi Killing of Burundi National Alarming

  1. Could you please establish first hat his death is politicaly motivated. Otherwis; there is no basis on which to link this necessarily to Burundi crisis.
    You know very well that nairobi also has its share of homicides by criminals.
    Secondly; is there any particular reason why this young man would be the first targeted outsie of burundi not other opposition members. Whereas there are many opposition figures known to be in kenya more most likey more active than him.
    My condolences to the bereived family!


      1. There should just be an investigation full stop. Your statement talks abut investigations of it is the GoB. Which lead to you have for that! An investigation should take place no matter who did it. Then you should have made your statement asking Kenya to protect burundians and take the Burundi accountable if investigations lead to that conclusion. Stop being on the defensive. I hate Nkurunziza very much and do not need speculations to accuse him. He is already doing enough to be held accountable by any court of law.


    1. I am a strong opponent to Nkurunziza but I think we will not win and overthrow him by just starting accusing without any single lead that this person was killed by Nkurunziza militias. Hard to believe why they would go to that extent and why this person would be worth a pursuit in Kawangware.


  2. Who doesn t know that Wanyee rd and kawangware area are dangerous? Nairobi as a whole is full of thieves and hardly goes a day without someone getting killed! Then you blame the Burundian embassy for broken kenyan security system in the city! Pathetic!


    1. I don’t understand why you are defensive on the Burundi Government. If you cared to be sober enough you would have realized that the statement called on investigations


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