Government Failed Kenyans in 2015

The Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya (CCI – Kenya) on behalf of the Social Movements Reference Group and partners take this opportunity to to wish all Kenyans a prosperous 2016 as we head to the new year.

2015 has been a challenging year for Kenyans in terms of rising cases of insecurity, corruption, attack on Civic liberties and impunity. The CCI Kenya and the Social Movements Reference Group has been at the forefront throughout 2015 in pushing the government to be accountable to the Kenyan people through petitions, street demonstrations, public interest litigation, research activism among others and we thank Kenyans who have come out on several occasions in response to our calls.

As we head to 2016, CCI Kenya would like to warn the government of tough times ahead as CCI Kenya will not sit and watch the government excesses. As the government will be holding lavish parties to usher in 2016, CCI Kenya would like to remind them that there is nothing to celebrate as majority of Kenyans are still wallowing in abject poverty due to mismanagement of the economy.

CCI Kenya will adopt new approaches to hold the government to account and tackle the following issues:

On corruption, CCI Kenya will target those mentioned in graft cases personally through court cases and shall also organize demonstrations to their homes both in Nairobi and rural homes. CCI Kenya will also target the schools their children attend and their families so that the family members can know that they are beneficiaries of corruption at the expense of Kenyans.

CCI Kenya shall also hold public hearings from ward to national level on use of public resources at the grassroots with an aim of collecting information on plunder of public resources for public interest litigation and also for purposes of naming and shaming corruption networks publicly.

On insecurity, CCI Kenya shall push for security sector reforms as envisaged in the spirit of the constitution of Kenya 2010. CCI Kenya shall also monitor the security apparatus and their responsiveness to the people of Kenya and shall actively take part in police vetting to get rid of corrupt police officers.

CCI Kenya shall also continue with the campaign to declassify Military Spending to allow for public scrutiny on Military expenditure to tackle Security sector corruption.

Constitution Implementation
On the issue of implementation of the Constitution of Kenya, CCI Kenya shall continue to aggressively push for full and proper Implementation of the Constitution of Kenya and shall strive to fill the void that shall be left by CIC whose term has come to an end.

CCI Kenya shall also organize public forums to scrutinize the recent clamor for Constitution change through referendum to to enable the public understand the issues and also determine whether they are intended at mutilating the constitution by changing the spirit of the law or they are intended at satisfyingly selfish interests and personal political whims.

CCI Kenya shall also monitor development of Bills both at National and County level to determine whether they are in tandem with the constitution. CCI Kenya shall carry out an audit of all the Acts that have been made so far at various levels. We call for dropping of unconstitutional Acts like the police laws, media laws, among others.

Burundi Crisis
On the ongoing Burundi Crisis, CCI Kenya Condemn the Kenyan government response to the ongoing Burundi genocide and ask the Kenyan government to act tough on Burundi. Kenya being the leading economy in the region has a role to play in ending the crisis. CCI Kenya is calling for sanctioning of Burundi leaders and is calling for an intervention to stop Nkurunziza from annihilating Burundi people.

CCI Kenya which is part of the Burundi Solidarity Group will renew pressure on Kenya, Regional and International community to act tough on Burundi war lords.

God Bless Kenya


Cidi Otieno

Convener Coalition for Constitution Implementation



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