Program for #WhiteFriday4Burundi 18th Dec Nairobi

18th December 2015 – Burundi Solidarity #WhiteFriday4Burundi

As from 10am to 12pm Public shall Gather at Burundi Embassy in Nairobi where Flowers and candles will be lit for each of the souls lost in Burundi.

Later on in the evening between 18.00pm to 20.00pm there shall be a solidarity Vigil for Burundi at Tom Mboya Monument where Candle lit vigil shall be held. Comrades from south Korea shall join the Solidarity Vigil calling for Peace and Justice in Burundi.

The activists shall also be calling for the Arrest and Prosecution of Pierre Nkurunziza and his allies for leading genocide campaign in Burundi.

All members shall be required to be dressed in white as a show of solidarity with the Burundi People and to signify call for Justice and Peace in Burundi.

Comrades from South Korea, India, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and USA currently in Kenya for Anti WTO Activities shall join the gathering.#IamBurundi, #StopNkurunziza, #IOTKe

Done By

Cidi Otieno





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