Social Movements to Hold Parallel #EndWTO Activities to Coincide with WTO MC10

Social Movements Working Group Against WTO composed of World March of Women Kenya, Coalition for Constitution Implementation Kenya, ​Bunge la Mwananchi, Unga Revolution, Mathare Social Justice Center, Dandora Must Change, Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders and Bunge la Mwananchi Kangemi in conjunction with the #EndWTO Coalition including La Vie Campesina, Food Sovereignty Network USA, TNI, Indignado and Focus on Global South and the Korea People’s League have planned a series of Activities in Nairobi to coincide with the WTO MC10 with an aim of calling for an end of WTO.

The activities shall include two days seminar on 15 and 16 December in a Nairobi Hotel, a press conference on 16 December and a street demonstration on 17 December 2015. During the indoor seminar the delegates shall discuss the 20 years History of WTO, Scan the Current WTO Negotiations and also discuss the alternatives to WTO among others. There shall be daily public gatherings at Tom Mboya Monument.

The street action will include street demonstrations calling for an End to WTO and the demonstrators shall also be asking the countries of the Global South to quit WTO. The street action shall also serve as a memorial for comrade Lee from South Korea who took his life in protest to WTO skewed agreements.

Meanwhile the Social Movements Working Group Against WTO has called on the Kenyan Government to lead African states in withdrawing from WTO. The Working Group has also taken issue with issues Kenya seek to put on the table for negotiations terming them market driven and not driven by the urge to protect local farmers and consumers.

The Working Group Condemned the Kenyan Foreign CS for seeking to push issues like Trade Facilitation which the group noted will not address the skewed nature of the WTO agreements as they will only serve to facilitate the Multinationals to continue dominating the fragile Kenyan market at the expense of local entrepreneurs. They also took issue with Trade Multilateralism which is a complex negotiation system involving multiple states where agreement is difficult to reach and added that this has been used by the Global North to delay agreements that are beneficial to the LDCs.

The Social Movement Working Group Against WTO wants the Kenyan Government to withdraw completely from WTO so as to protect local peasant farmers and consumers as just like the just concluded COP21 in France, the WTO MC10 will yield nothing but continue to advance policies that will lead communities in the LDCs to loose their livelihoods, have their industries dissipated and have their economies dissipated to waste.

Report Done By
Cidi Otieno

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