Kenya To Hold Climate Justice March on 3rd December

Activists in Kenya will on 3 December hold a Climate Justice march to raise Kenyans concerns about climate change and to assess Kenya’s engagement with the UNFCCC Space. The march will be preceded by a Multi-Stakeholders dialogue which will be held at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi Kenya from 9am.

The dialogue will involve Discussions on the realities of the effects of Climate Change Crisis on the Kenyan Frontline Communities, how the Kenyan government has responded to the Climate change crisis and reviewing the Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDCs).

Other issues to be discussed will include whether the current Climate Negotiations will realize real solutions for Kenya and the Global South apart from the fallacy of the UNFCCC negotiations and contemporary media hype.

The expected results of the dialogue will be to look beyond Paris negotiations by building a global Social Movements Actions towards systems change and climate justice.

The march being organized by Fahamu, World March of Women, Coalition for Constitution Implementation and Bunge la Mwananchi shall begin at the All Saints Cathedral to the Freedom Corner where eco-friendly trees shall be planted.

Report by

Cidi Otieno


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