All Roads Lead to Arusha for #ZindukaFest2015


All roads lead to Arusha for the third edition of the Zinduka Festival 2015 to take place in Arusha Tanzania as from 25 November to 28 November 2015. The first and the second edition of the Zinduka Festival was held in 2013 & 2014 respectively in Arusha Tanzania.

Zinduka is an annual festival celebrating the vibrant East African diversities through Arts, Culture, Technology and Conversations. The aim of the festival is to re-awaken the consciousness of the East African people to engage in the East African integration process.

The Zinduka Festival 2015 is coming at a critical time when the East African region is being faced by a myriad of problems ranging from political instability, terrorism threat, shrinking civic spaces, acute unemployment, corruption among the member states and lack of a united vision for regional integration among the ruling class.

Zinduka Festival being a people-centered and people-driven integration event shall therefore offer none state actors and all East African Citizens from all walks of life and different sectors an opportunity to come up with homegrown and grassroots oriented solutions to the problems facing the region apart from providing them with a platform to celebrate their identities, contributions, successes, challenges and share their stories.

There will be different convenings during Zinduka Festival that shall discuss different issues related to the East Africn region. The convenings include Women, Youth, Kiswahili, Peace and Security, Movement Building, Social Justice, Sports for Development, Tourism, Budget Advocacy among others. Each convening shall come up with resolutions and campaigns.

The Zinduka Festival shall be preceded by the Arusha Academy beginning on 23rd to 24th November 2015 at Arusha Tanzania. The Academy shall provide various actors and conveners of the Zinduka Festival with a chance to showcase their convenings and also set the agenda for the Zinduka Festival.

The Zinduka Organizing Committee (ZOC) chairman Mr Kepta Ombati said that all is set for Zinduka Festival 2015 and was upbeat that the Zinduka Festival 2015 will be bigger and better. While addressing ZOC members during a planning retreat held at Olpirikata bush camp in Ilodokilani Kajiado County, Kepta said that over 100 civil society organizations, social movements and NGOs have confirmed participation in the various convenings of the Zinduka Festival 2015. “I take this chance to welcome all East Africans from all walks of lives to the Zinduka Festival 2015 so that they can be part of the integration process and agenda setting” said Kepta.


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