Why Raila Is Not To Blame For Ruto Case

In his opinion piece in one of the local dailies on 19 October 2015, former Raila supporter turn critic Ngunjiri Wambugu claimed that Raila alone fixed Ruto due to an alleged presser by Raila on 3 January 2008 in which he alleges that Raila stated that ODM would take the Kenyan situation to the ICC and ask the court to prosecute the people behind the election violence.

File Picture Courtesy of The Star
File Picture Courtesy of The Star

However Wambugu is not telling Kenyans that by January 3 2008, several Kenyans had already been killed by Police in opposition strongholds including Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi (Kibera), Eldoret, Kitale, Kakamega etc. It must be noted that peaceful protests had begun in opposition strongholds against deliberate delays and doctoring of results at the KICC tallying center where even the then ECK chairman the late Kivuitu publicly stated that results were being cooked by returning officers some of whom had disappeared with results.

According to ABC news, by 31 December 2007, about 53 people had died in Kisumu primarily from gunshot wounds after government had issued a curfew in Kisumu with an order of shoot to kill anyone who violated the order[1]. During the same time about 6 people had also been killed in Mombasa with several others having been killed by police in Kibera slums in Nairobi.

On 2 January 2008, the then US Secretary of State Rice and British Foreign Minister David Miliband called for truce and the following day 3 January 2008, Raila acknowledged publicly that US and UK were proposing then Ghana President John Kuffuor, Kofi Annan and former Sierra Leon president Tejjjan Kabah as mediators. Kibaki and PNU however refused to allow mediation ostensibly because there was no crisis to allow foreign mediation. Instead Kibaki directed security forces to apply full force in dealing with opposition protesters.

The events as they were clearly negates the position by Wambugu that by 3 January there were no police instigated deaths in the opposition strongholds which therefore means that if Raila really called on ICC to investigate and prosecute those who were perpetrating violence, he did so to stem the use of police and military to kill innocent opposition supporters who were unarmed and were protesting rigging of elections by forces that were allied to PNU.

If the security forces were used professionally and constitutionally, then they would have prevented the attack at Kiambaa church and one wonders why the police who were shooting and killing opposition supporters in opposition stronghold were not taken to protect Kenyans from such attacks. It is common knowledge that if the security forces acted swiftly they would have prevented deaths in Kiambaa and in Naivasha. Furthermore Wambugu’s piece only adds to confirming the narrative at ICC that DP Ruto was involved in planning the Kiamba attacks furthering the fixing scheme.

Cidi Otieno is a Grassroots Community Organizer and Convener Coalition for Constitution Implementation

[1] Deadly Rioting Over Kenyan Election Results http://abcnews.go.com/International/story?id=4069259&page=1


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