Act on Graft Now President Kenyatta

During his much publicized visit to his fatherland, the US President Barack Obama talked tough on corruption and graft that has permeated the government structures and asked his host President Kenyatta to act tough on graft and prosecute not only small people but the big fish in his government.

In this respect, the Coalition for Constitution Implementation (CCI) and partners on behalf of the entire Civil Society takes this opportunity to ask President Kenyatta to shake off all the corrupt in his government within the next ten days if he has to prove to Kenyans that the trip of US President Obama was not just showbiz failure to which the Civil Society Organizations shall be left with no option but to organize mass action.

CCI also ask President Kenyatta to immediately call on his security men who have trumped up charges against Civil Society Activists some of whom have more than eight charges pending to drop them with immediate effect.

President Kenyatta should also immediately order his security apparatus to stop harassing Civil Society Activists and Organizations and also open the accounts of Haki Africa and MUHURI which have been frozen by his government.


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