Are Kenyan Refugees in Uganda Back Home?

In the aftermath of Garissa University Attack that left at least 148 students dead, the government announced that the Dadaab refugee camp has to be closed down in three months and all refugees must relocate to Somalia. While the government and the UNHCR have agreed on a formula for closure of the camp, the government’s announcement has caught the international community by surprise and has brought into focus the government’s anti-terror strategy.

With the government insisting that the Al Shabaab militants use the camp to organize attacks in Kenya, it is not clear whether such information is based on intelligence information or just part of the government’s knee-jack reaction to terrorist attacks. In the wake of the Lamu attacks, the government blamed the opposition Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) of the attacks but since then no action has been taken on the CORD leaders bringing to question the motivation behind such announcements from senior government officers.

But as the countdown to closure of Dadaab camp draws closer, it is not clear whether Kenyan refugees who fled the Post-Election Violence (PEV) and crossed into Uganda have all been repatriated back to Kenya as sometimes in 2014 the Kenyan refugees in Uganda demanded to be brought back home with many of them complaining of very harsh conditions in their camp at Kiryadongo in Eastern Uganda especially after war erupted in South Sudan prompting an influx of refugees in the camp[1].

The question is have they all been brought back home? If not, is there a deadline for their repatriation?

[1] All Africa. Uganda: Kenyan Refugees Demand to go Back Home. Available from:<>. [20 April 2015].


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