Former Varsity Students Plan a Political Party

Former University students are planning to launch a political party with name search already done and the group settling on the name the Democratic Union (DUC). The group has even formed a whatsapp and telegram group and are planning an initial meeting this coming weekend at undisclosed location in Nairobi.

The group which is being coordinated by Fwamba Nc Fwamba a former Student of Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) vice chairman is promising the two leading coalitions Jubilee and CORD a run for their money come 2017 and is bragging of former veteran student leaders like Makokha Wanjala, Mwengi Mutuse, Kenyatta Otieno, Moses Oburu, Ben Mulwa, Chris Budo, Ben Karuga, Mwange Kiganda, Kizito Temba, Robert Kipkemboi, Sannie Goroba, Lempaa Suyianka among others.

With former students working in different places some with government, NGOs, CSOs and some even having links or having benefited from the leading political coalitions in the past, it is not clear how the DUC will balance such interests but according to Mr. Otieno Kenyatta a former SONU Chiromo Campus Representative the DUC “will strive to bring together the different schools of thought together into a one formidable force that shall shake the country’s political landscape”.

But the DUC is not the only party led by former student leaders. Already the Social Democratic Party (SDP) is led by former veteran student leader and political detainee Mwandawiro Mghanga. Other former student leaders in SDP are Booker Ngesa, Benedict Wachira Mamluki and Javan Owalla holding positions of Organizing Secretary, Secretary General and Youth league leader respectively.

When the DUC was asked why they cant join SDP which is also led by former students, the DUC claimed that the SDP is a far leftist party whose vision can not be practically attained in Kenya and Africa at large. It is also not clear whether the DUC will admit members who never passed in the University or it shall remain an elitist party.


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