Varsity Set to be Reopened on 27th April after Closure

Moi University Rongo Town campus is set to be reopened on 27th April after a closure that was necessitated by a student riot due to post election violence in which majority students rejected the election of their chairman on claims of rigging. In the ensuing melee, one student lost his life and four others seriously injured after they ran into a deep borehole as they and other students were running away from the riot police who had been called to quell the riot.

Meanwhile the University of Nairobi students go to polls today to elect new officials of their union the Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU). The campaign that has been rid with claims of violence and bribery has seen at least one student being hospitalized due to deep cuts he received during violence that erupted on the campaign trail.

The preparedness of the university security in handling issues of student violence especially resulting from student election campaign has been brought to focus and this is an area that the university administrations need to look into if loss of innocent lives of students and injuries are to be mitigated.

More to follow.


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