UON Students go to Polls on Friday

The University of Nairobi students go to polls this Friday the 10th April to elect new officials of the Student Organization of Nairobi University (SONU). The race for the chairmanship is pitting the incumbent flamboyant chairman Mr. Babu Owino against Mr Kuria Mike.

The run up to the polls which has been riddled with violence saw a group of students move to court to block the polls but according to Mr. Babu Owino the case was thrown out. One of the students was undressed in front of main campus hall 9 when warring groups clashed.

The SONU leadership especially that of the chairman is always a factor of interest from various stakeholders including the government, the opposition and the city politicians eying various elective posts within the city and there are claims of huge sums of money exchanging hands during the campaign period that ends today. There are claims that Babu was barred from boarding a KQ plane to Kisumu because he was carrying liquid cash of over six million Kenya shillings in a paper bag.

More to follow


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