Via Kenyatta Otieno – “I Have Been Imagining”

I have been imagining how 5 terrorists can enter a campus and kill 142 students and hold them hostage for hours. One day in my second year, as a class rep I received word that 4th years were not happy with first years class. I used to miss classes at the beginning of the semester when timetables clash, so I had missed the days events, because they had not elected a class Rep, I doubled up as their rep to our Campus Organization. Apparently first years had displaced 4th years from a lecture theatre and they walked out grudgingly when their lecturer asked them to leave. Unknown to the freshers, they planned to attack in the evening in the halls of residence. At around 9PM I was in Hall 10 negotiating with our campus chairman one Onyile for a truce when Hall 3, and Hall 1 were teargassed. As the occupants tried to escape the choking fumes, they met a group of fourth and third years outside who worked on them thoroughly.

I can extrapolate this situation to Garisa and imagine a few names, John Raila, Tomilo, Ocs Tala (not Ocs Osiemo), Ching’ Ching’, Agwati et al come to mind. I don’t think those terrorists would have held students hostage for all those hours. Now is when you get the difference between Generation X, Y and Z.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I now vouch for NYS training for these softies.


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