Status Update from Bunge la Mwananchi Homa Bay

Following attempts by the former speaker of Bunge la Mwananchi (BLM) Homa Bay branch to sell the land that the Homa Bay BLM use as parliament, members this morning had a special sitting and endorsed his removal and subsequently appointed Mr. George Okiki as the acting speaker pending elections to be held later this year.

The Homa Bay BLM spokesperson Helen Ayugi said that the piece of land they use as parliament has been secured after the Homa Bay Sub-County Administrator Mr. Obado visited the Homa Bay BLM and announced that he had cancelled the approval that had earlier been given to the former speaker to construct a commercial toilet in that space. Miss Ayugi added that all those who allied with the former speaker will be barred from running in the coming polls and called for support so that the Homa Bay BLM can hold credible elections. “I thank all those who showed us solidarity during our time of distress” said Miss Ayugi.

Meanwhile a member of BLM Jeevanjee branch Mr Gitonga has been arrested and is currently at Central Police Station. The reasons for the arrest are still unclear. The BLM Woman Representative Miss Margaret Wayona has asked members to troop to Central Police Station to seek for his release. Mr. Gitonga is a known critic of the Jubilee administration and has been holding public sensitization meetings at the Tom Mboya monument in Nairobi.


2 thoughts on “Status Update from Bunge la Mwananchi Homa Bay

  1. I don’t know why the Kenya Police are quick to arrest innocent Citizens , but slow in defending Kenyans who are always killed by the so called terror group.Instead of spending most of their time dealing with matters of security ,they spend much of their time thinking of whom to book in their cells.Yesterday they arrested innocent Citizens in Homabay , today they arrested another innocent Kenyan along Moi Avenue.My question is , are they afraid of being at the Police Station without other Kenyans? If they need more security at their disposal then they should ask the Government to do so.
    Women Representative Bunge .
    Margaret Wayona

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