Garissa Attacks Exposes Kenya’s Soft Underbelly

Kenyans were this morning woken to shocking news that a Westgate type attack was underway at the Moi University Garissa Town Campus. That such an attack can take place in Kenya after the Westgate attack and few hours after the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed United Kingdom Security advisory to Kenya and stated that the Kenyan security apparatus and intelligence are on top of things is baffling.

Whether the incidents in Garissa are a pointer to lack of cooperation between Kenyan intelligence and their United Kingdom counterpart is an issue of another day but what is clear is that no Kenyan deserves to loose their life under such circumstances especially after the Kenyan military expenditure has continued to rise in the recent past.

Kenyans demand answers. Someone or some people must take responsibility. With such huge expenditures in the security sector, one would least expect such attacks bringing into question whether the huge allocations to the security sector are prudently used. The “Classification” of security sector spending has ensured that there is no public scrutiny on such expenditures hence opening avenues for corruption networks to embezzle funds. It is still fresh on Kenyans minds that part of the Angloleasing scandals were related to security sector budget.

As the world marks the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) on 13 April, Kenyans need to ask for more scrutiny of the security sector expenditure and also call for the lifting of the “Classification” of security sector expenditures. In Kenya activists shall be gathering at Freedom Corner Nairobi then march to Harambee Avenue to push for more accountability in the security sector expenditure.


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