Bunge la Mwananchi Homa Bay Branch in Trouble

Bunge la Mwananchi (BLM) Homa branch is in trouble after her speaker Walter Okelo Opiyo connived with a land grabber to fence off their meeting place ostensibly to construct a toilet. Mr Opiyo has further connived with the police to have leaders and members opposed to the plan arrested.

The members of BLM Homa Bay branch are currently at Homa Bay Police Station after accompanying officials who had earlier on been summoned by local police for opposing the move to grab the piece of land they use as their parliament.

Meanwhile the members have recalled their speaker Mr. Opiyo and are planning for an election to elect a new speaker. Miss Helen Ayugi a member of BLM Homa Bay Branch told this writer by phone that Mr Opiyo has ashamed the BLM Homa Bay branch and the entire BLM fraternity and that he has been sacked forthwith. Miss Helen added that “..we are now at Homa Bay police station to accompany our officials who have been summoned on instigation of Mr Opiyo and we are asking the entire Civil Society and other Bunges to support us during this trying moments”.

Mr Nicholas Kimanzi a member of BLM Jeevanjee branch supported the dismissal of Mr Opiyo as the BLM Homa Bay speaker and has called for his prosecution. Mr Kimanzi who is also planning to contest for BLM Presidency during polls slated for August this year added that “..it is sad that a person who is entrusted with leading a social movement like BLM can even contemplate selling and displacing members from assembling which is a main avenue for citizen participation”.

More to follow.


8 thoughts on “Bunge la Mwananchi Homa Bay Branch in Trouble

  1. Is that the BLM place next to HBay post office. Very sad for oversight players to turn eaters. Can I map this at piganduru.org sight


  2. The Homa Bay County Citizens Association (Bunge la Wenyenchi) take grate exceptions to your article which appeared on this blog space on the 1st of April 2015 About Mr Walter Opiyo. We in the Association believe that the article was scandalous, frivolous, and without substance and was meant to injure the otherwise clean character of Mr. Walter Opiyo. We take grate concern of the fact that at no time did you consult, ask the opinion of Mr Walter or even cared to investigate into the so called land grabbing issue before writing this article. We therefore want to say in simple terms that you are using the so called social media to infringe on the rights of an individual without caring as to the effects arising thereof. Please take notice that this is a criminal offence and which we are giving the attention it deserves. Take notice that if by the end of two weeks from today, you have not given your apology through this same space, we will take due legal action without reference to you whatsoever and without further notice.

    Homa Bay Citizens Association


    1. Hi George.

      Its unfortunate that I have seen your note today.

      Note that the report came from a member of Bunge Homa Bay who has been mentioned in the article and I know being in Homa Bay you are better placed to get more information from the member.

      If by any chance your message should be written then say so but I shall report it as a quote from you just like I did it with the other one.

      All the best


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